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New Dealer License

Start here if you don't have a dealer license and want to buy used cars from auction or start your own dealership.

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Renew Dealer License

Auto dealer licenses must be renewed every 2 years. Our process is quick, easy, and we offer same day shipping.

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Our professional consulting is the fastest possible way to get from the classroom to the showroom.

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How to get a used car dealer license

We offer several ways to get your California auto dealer license. First, you'll need to register for the auto dealer training class. You can choose from self paced study, or a live webinar where we'll teach you everything you need to know to get your California DMV certified used car dealer license.

Once you complete the class, we'll provide you with a test from the DMV. You can repeat the test until you pass at no extra cost!

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California Dealer License Guide

Used Car Dealer Training Quick Start Guide

This FREE guide will guide you step by step and give you helpful tips. It has all the important information you need to understand how to get your license. Don't miss this chance to boost your career and start an exciting journey. Fill out the form now and get ready for a future filled with success and lots of opportunities!

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