Automotive Dealer License Training Class in San Diego
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You CANNOT get a California Auto Dealer License until you take the class.

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Welcome to our office in San Diego where we service all of our aspiring car dealers in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Are you looking for someone to answer all the hard questions on how to get your car dealers license in San Diego?

Feel free to give us a call at 858-210-7990 for a free phone consultation where we can answer any questions you have about getting your dealers license.

Our instructors know the San Diego car dealership landscape inside and out and can answer any questions that you might have regarding opening a dealership in California.

We have offices up and down California with auto industry professionals ready to help you in your local marketplace.

Our local office address 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite 150, San Diego, CA 92121

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Here's what our San Diego Dealer Training School can help you with:


In order to get your car dealers license, you’re required to take a 6 hour course through a certified dealer education provider, like California Dealer Academy, in order to get certified.

In class you’ll learn:

  • How to buy cars at auction.
  • How much does it cost to open a dealership.
  • How do you process the paperwork after you sell a car.
  • How do you process your dealer license application


We offer professional consulting services for all your auto dealership needs.

  • Set up a new California used auto dealership
  • Move your dealership or company to California from another state
  • Change your address
  • Get a manufacturers license
  • Train sales staff
  • Set up or train a Finance & Insurance (F&I) Department
  • California dealer compliance audit

...and much more!
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At California Dealer Academy, we can help you with something as basic as helping you with your application, to doing it for you from start to finish.

Feel free to call the owner directly to get more information.
Garrett Eddings 760-681-1757
Garrett Eddings, Owner, California Dealer Academy

Interested in signing up for a class? No matter if you want to do our live webinar or our self-paced study course, we have a quick and easy solution that will get you certified in no time.

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San Diego Specific Considerations for Auto Dealers

Market Demand and Competition: San Diego has a diverse and competitive automotive market. Understanding local preferences, consumer behavior, and competition is crucial for success.

Regulatory Compliance: California has stringent environmental and consumer protection regulations. Dealerships need to comply with emissions standards, safety regulations, and various consumer protection laws.

Geographic and Demographic Factors: San Diego's geography and demographics can influence the types of vehicles in demand. For instance, fuel-efficient cars might have a higher demand due to environmental consciousness and commuting distances.

Cultural and Lifestyle Preferences: San Diego's culture and lifestyle preferences may impact the type of vehicles consumers seek, such as a preference for outdoor or recreational vehicles.

Economic Factors: The local economy, employment rates, and income levels can influence purchasing power and the demand for certain vehicle types.

What Makes San Diego Different

Climate: San Diego's moderate climate might influence vehicle preferences compared to regions with harsher climates.

Diverse Population: The city's diverse population brings varied preferences and demands, impacting the types of vehicles sought after.

Environmental Consciousness: San Diego residents tend to be environmentally conscious, potentially driving interest in electric or hybrid vehicles.

Tech-Savvy Consumers: Being a tech hub, San Diego consumers may have a higher inclination towards tech-integrated vehicles.

Understanding these factors specific to San Diego is crucial when establishing and operating a dealership in the region. It's essential to navigate both the general requirements for opening a dealership in California and the nuances of the local market to succeed in San Diego's automotive industry.