Used Car Dealer License Training Class - Prelicensing & Wholesale
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The first step to getting your California Dealer License is to take the online pre-licensing class.

Self Paced ($80) Live Webinar ($115)

  • 100% Guaranteed Pass Rate
  • Completely Online
  • Self Paced or Live Webinar Options
  • Support from Industry Experts
  • FAST Certificate Delivery

Auto Dealer Prelicensing Education Program

Prelicensing class: Get the required 6-hour prelicensing classes taught from experts with 20+ years of experience. You'll become a California DMV licensed automotive dealer in just 3 easy steps.

1. Learn everything you need to pass the California DMV dealer license exam.

2. Test what you learned. You can retry until you pass free of charge.

3. File your dealer license paperwork with the California DMV. We will help!

Which auto dealer licensing class is right for you?

Self Paced Online Study

Self Paced Dealer Training Class

This course is recommended for dealers and owners that want to fulfill the DMV requirements but do not want to deal with beginners in a class. This is done at the pace of the student and offers various documents and videos to help aid the student through the process.

Recommended for:

  • Clients that have been in the industry for a few years
  • Dealers that lost their license for one reason or another (Typically you let your bond expire)
  • Dealers that are changing their ownership structure

Self Paced ($80)

Live Webinar via Zoom

Live Dealer Training Webinar

This course is for anyone brand new to the car industry to the seasoned veteran. Keep in mind this is taught at the beginner level, however due to the experience level in class, classes can cover more advanced topics depending on the day. Class is taught on Saturday mornings from 9AM - 3:30PM.

Recommended for:

  • Brand new dealers
  • Students that do not have a background in automotive
  • Students that want expert guidance while they take the class

Live Webinar ($115)

Each class gets a bonus session at the end of class where you can ask the instructor all the questions that you have about the industry so come prepared to class with your questions and be ready to get interactive and involved with classroom participation.

We offer money saving coupons, programs, and consultations to all of our students that you will learn about before class. Learn how to get your certificate and save money at the same time!